TractBase Land Title Solutions

Own Your Title Plant

Own Your Data

For over one hundred years the heart of a title company was their title plant. It used to be made up of paper records though most title plants are now digitized. Increasingly title companies don’t own their data even though most would if they could. We are making it possible again.

Own Your Software

A title plant is worthless if there isn’t software to run it. These days a¬†Microsoft Access database or clunky remote desktop solution are over. Our web based TractBase Online software solution offers the most powerful tools for researching land title while also being the easiest to use.

Own Your Revenue

Most title companies are only able to offer two products: title insurance and closing services. Our turnkey solution allows title companies to leverage the value of their title plant to offer products and services to bankers, lawyers, and real estate professionals beyond what title companies traditionally have.

TractBase provides the industry’s only end-to-end turnkey title plant solution.

No IT Department Required

Most title companies do not have an IT department to manage the complexities of running cutting edge technology platforms. With our turnkey title plant system there is no need. We handle every aspect of the hosting, maintenance and management of the platform. If something goes wrong we fix it. The only thing required by the title company and their customers is a modern web browser and an internet connection.

100% Cloud Based Solution

All of the data, document images, and software are hosted in the cloud. This means never having to worry about losing your data and it means unbelievable speed. Our secured servers are tuned specifically for delivery land title data and documents.

Differentiate from Your Competitors

Almost every aspect of the title insurance industry is regulated and does not allow agents to differentiate on price or product. However non-title insurance products and services are not regulated. If a title company owns their title plant they can create unique products for their clients that go beyond traditional title insurance policies: property reports, lien checks, automatic notifications, neighborhood reports and more.

Always Up-to-date

As a turnkey solution there is no need to keep your database up-to-date with your own indexing personnel. We take care of all the go-forward indexing and posting. Also, our software platform is in in active development. As we add new features and tools they are pushed seamlessly into your application for use by your employees and customers.

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