Building title plants is no longer about sitting in a courthouse with a scanner.

It’s about taking huge datasets from the courthouse and turning them into functioning title plants. Today title plants can be built for a fraction of the cost and with dramatically more functionality. Few people have built as many deep modern title plants as the team at TractBase. We don’t build “thin” plants. We build complete title plants that do more than meet regulatory minimum standards.


Alias Plat Indexing Framework

The heart of a title plant is the setup. No one knows more than us when it comes to integrating subdivision plats into a land title database. We developed our own custom framework for land validation setup called Alias. The framework uses multi-level subdivision indexing for replats/amended plats and cross verification across multiple authorities.

Big Data is Our Specialty

The TractBase team are experts at handling large datasets. Nothing is more critical to a title plant build than ensuring the data integrity is not compromised. We built the backend of our indexing platform to handle hundreds of terabytes of indexing data and images.

Scalable Distributed Indexing

Other indexing solutions require you to choose between on-shore and off-shore. Our indexing system was built to allow indexing to be done anywhere in the world. This system allows different parts of the plant build to be completed in a way that fits the client’s goals and budget.

Local Indexing

Onshore experts specializing in setup and difficult indexing fields.

Offshore Indexing

Offshore indexer specializing in simple repetitive tasks and fields.

Machine Indexing

Machine indexing uses intelligent algorithms to index mass datasets.

Machine Indexing with Giant

No human indexer can compete with the speed and reliability of a computer for certain tasks. We built our own machine indexer we call Giant. The Giant can index a document every millisecond under certain circumstances. We are improving the artificial intelligence everyday and expanding the types of indexing tasks that can be done with computers.

Document Indexing Test

Human vs Giant Complete 5,000 Documents in One Hour

  • Human 3%
  • Giant 72%

Some of the Title Plants We Have Built

County/Metro: Amarillo

Plant Size:

1.5 million documents

Complete build

County/Metro: Brazoria

Plant Size:

3 million documents

Complete Build

County/Metro: Hansford

Plant Size:

300,000 documents

Collaboration Build

County/Metro: Tarrant

Plant Size:

12 million documents

Complete build

County/Metro: Ochiltree

Plant Size:

400,000 documents

Collaboration Build

County/Metro: Lipscomb

Plant Size:

250,000 documents

Collaboration Build

County/Metro: Dallas

Plant Size:

18 million documents

Complete build

County/Metro: Hemphill

Plant Size:

300,000 documents

Collaboration Build

County/Metro: Roberts

Plant Size:

150,000 documents

Collaboration Build

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Add More Data Feeds

Title insurance companies are learning that traditional courthouse data is just the beginning. Tie GIS, appraisal district, or oil and gas data into your title plant to expand customer and revenue sources.

Appraisal District Data


GIS Feed

Coming soon

Oil & Gas Data

Coming soon

Additional Services

Other services we offer in addition to traditional title plant building.

TIFF to PDF Conversion

We are experts in large scale conversion of TIFF images to PDF.


We offer consulting services for anything title plant related or even starting a title insurance company from scratch. We know the process inside and out.