Property Report Order Form

TractBase reports are currently only available for the Amarillo metro area. Please see our coverage map for where we are going next and to sign up to be notified when we get to where you live.

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What is a Property Report?

Appraisal District Summary

A quick summary of basic property information from the appraisal district including: record owner and appraised value.

Records going back to 1980

Listing of all the records matching the legal description going back to 1980 including the document type, dates, and grantors and grantees.

Easy to Read

We organize the records into three categories: Liens/Loans, Deeds, and Other. You can easily focus on the relevant document category you are interested in.

No cost for documents

We give you a link to download all of the documents referenced in the report at no additional cost.

TractBase vs the Courthouse vs the Title Company

All of our records and documents originally come from public records – currently the appraisal district and the county clerk’s office. Every day we update the court records with the news filings. In other words we have everything they have we have too. Once we have the base data we start to improve it.


Legal Description Searching

The biggest barrier to using a courthouse to locate records is they don’t allow you to search by the property address. Instead you have to use a search technique called “grantor/grantee.” This is a complicated and time consuming process that is difficult even for trained attorneys and title professionals. TractBase eliminates the need for grantor/grantee search techniques. Just tell us the street address or legal description and we will provide all the records for that property.


We Don't Charge for Documents

Most courthouses charge $1 per page for documents and title companies sometimes charge even more than that (although most don’t even own the documents and so they can’t sell them to you). These fees add up fast when dealing with dozens of documents in a chain of title. We don’t charge a separate fee. All of the documents in the chain are included with your report.


We Have More Fields

In addition to the basic data publicly available through the courthouse we examine the documents and add additional fields including the amount of the lien, related document references, effective dates, maturity dates, and more reliable documents dates. We are always adding as much information as possible to increase the value of our reports to our customers.

Re-platted Land

What happens when a subdivision starts out being called one name and then later is changed? Ocean View Estates #1 is later changed to Ocean View Estates #5. Normally you would only find either the old name or the new name depending on what you searched for. TractBase uses proprietary software and indexing techniques that allow us to include all of the names a property has gone by. *So long as we have access to the older plat documents. Not all counties have this available for all subdivisions.

Related Documents

What happens if a document doesn’t have a legal description but it references a document that does? In Texas and most other states that is valid notice of a claim against that property even though the document doesn’t even mention the property’s location. TractBase has special software that looks for these references and returns them as part of your report.


Data Validation

We make sure the legal descriptions match an actual platted piece of ground and then connect it to a street address.